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What is NexLiber?
NexLiber is a comprehensive library of projects to supercharge your learning in all things Computer Science, empowering coders like yourself to master your skills in any CS field through community-driven experiential learning. Projects on NexLiber are presented in a "Workbook" form, complete with setup instructions, a full guide to complete the project, milestone quizzes to periodically check your understanding, and even deployment instructions. Through NexLiber, you'll be able to learn by doing, improving your coding skills beyond just printing "Hello World"!
Why learn with NexLiber?
NexLiber is a community-driven project in the sense that Learners, Creators, Developers, and Editors are coders from all over the globe who are interested/experienced in one or more CS fields. Moreover, NexLiber requires no account creation on the site itself, holding all community discussions and Q&A on our Discord server! Hence, NexLiber is a tight-knit global community of developers teaching each other and learning with each other.
How do I get started as a Learner?
Visit the Library and try implementing a project! We have projects for beginner, intermediate, and advanced coders in all CS fields. Don't forget to join our Discord server too for the full community experience!
How do I become a Creator?
Creators are coders who propose already-built projects and curate a Workbook to be included in NexLiber's Library! Rest assured that all projects created by a Creator will belong to the Creator. To become a Creator, follow the guide here. Also, join our Discord server for seamless communication with Developers and Editors.
How do I become a Developer?
Developers are coders experienced in Next.js who help with the development of NexLiber, updating the Library with new Workbooks and implementing new features on NexLiber! To become a Developer, join our Discord server and indicate your interest in the #dev-recruitment channel!
How do I become an Editor?
Editors are coders who manage and review the Workbook drafts of Creators! To become an Editor, you must first be a Creator who has launched at least 5 Workbooks on NexLiber. You should also join our Discord server for seamless communication with Developers and Creators.
Why join NexLiber' team as a Creator, Developer, or Editor?
Creators, Developers, and Editors will all earn digital certificates after creating, implementing, and managing at least 1 Workbook respectively. You will also stand to participate in giveaways after referring 5 friends to join NexLiber as Creators (see the #referral channel on Discord for more information). All in all, you will gain invaluable experience and be a part of a supportive community filled with like-minded individuals.
How can I buy you a coffee?
In case you didn't know, hi! My name is Nyx and I'm the Founder of NexLiber! To help NexLiber reach and impact more coders, please support me on Buy Me a Coffee! Thank you!